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The "Catholic university of Mons" (or FUCaM: Facultés Universitaires Catholiques de Mons) offers degrees in Management, Political Science and in Communication. Its professors and research fellows are active in these topics and in related fields.

FUCaM was created in 1896 and was then known as "Ecole Supérieure Commerciale et Consulaire". Already in those days, the students received an international education, spending the second year of their curriculum in Leipzig and the following in London. This University has strived and has succeeded in developing an education of excellence. It is one of the 9 Belgian French-speaking Universities officially recognised by our Ministry of Education.

FUCaM is situated in Mons, which is a quaint medieval town, surrounded by nature and less than an hour away from the European capital, Brussels.

Mons can pride itself on its architectural heritage, its traditions and its folklore. It is also an animated student town, with three universities and over a dozen higher education institutions. Last but not least, it is an international town which provides a base for SHAPE, one of NATO's headquarters. Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bonn or Luxemburg are only 3 hours away from Mons.

Currently, FUCaM offers three complete Bachelor's and Master's university programmes in: Management, Business Engineering, Political Science.

Since the academic year 2004-2005, which coincides with the implementation of the Bologna agreements in the French-speaking part of Belgium, FUCaM has also offered a Bachelor's degree in Communication.

The Management Programme is structured around the major business functions (marketing, finance, production and human resources) and favours a global approach of management.

The Business Engineering Programme focuses on quantitative methods and information systems while offering a complete curriculum in the different fields linked to industry.

The Political Science Programme aims to train students to comprehend and manage contemporary socio-political systems.

Finally our Bachelor and Master's degree in Communication are offered in cooperation with the Catholic University of Louvain.

In all these programmes, most of the lectures are given in French; severals levels of language courses (English, Dutch, German and Spanish) are also open to students. Our exchange network covers 35 universities in 17 countries. Moreover, accommodation on the campus is available for exchange students. Our University strives to combine its human focus with its regional integration and international scope.

Our research topics are numerous: auctions, business organization, development, education, European policy, marketing (consumer behaviour, distribution networks and retail), microstucture of financial markets, production and applied statistics, public economics, regional science, the role of the State, transport, ... More information on


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